Fighting destructive mining in South Africa: help MACUA activists raise profile of “right to say No!” campaign

Mining-affected communities are repeatedly denied what is known as the right to free prior and informed consent (FPIC) when it comes to mining developments in their backyard. You can help them fight for a Right to say NO to mining developments that do not address their interests.

“The concept of the ‘Right to say No’ is based on the need for FPIC, an important step towards the right to self-determined development,” say the organisers of the campaign.

The campaign stresses the communities’ fundamental right not only to be involved in and informed about plans that affect them but also – in cases of unsatisfying outcomes of negotiating processes – to say ‘No’ to the proposals.

The communities need at least one million signatures by April 25 2018 to present a united front at the Pretoria High Court, as part of the Xolobeni community’s court case against an application by Transworld Energy and Minerals to mine titanium along the Wild Coast.

“We want the court to issue a declaratory order that forbids the Department of Mineral Resources from issuing a mining licence against our will”.

What can you do to help? Sign this petition to stand in solidarity with ALL mining-affected communities in their fight to have their constitutionally enshrined right to “an environment that is not harmful to their health or well-being” realised and protected by the government.

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