Andrew Ewing

Andrew Robert Ewing is the founder of the Global Environmental Trust (GET) and its passionate supporter and advisor until his sad passing on  19 November 2016, when he died peacefully after a lifetime of confronting untold challenges and courageously waging endless battles. He was a strong advocate for the protection of wild natural places through wise planning and appropriate use of land.  His passing is a tremendous loss to GET and to conservation and the struggle for social and environmental justice, especially around his beloved Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park, in KZN. Andrew graduated with a BA LLB and was a semi-retired lawyer with 45 years of practice. Using his strong financial background, he was committed to making a significant contribution to conservation and social upliftment. He was a trustee of well over 200 trusts, some of which are charitable trusts. He was acting chairman of Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife (EKZNW) for two years and then vice-chairman for three years and cumulatively with these chairmanships, a board member for eight years. He was chairman of the Wilderness Foundation, Wilderness Leadership School, Magqubu Ntombela Foundation, and Isivuno for six years and many directorships including the United Building Society, Southern Trident and Natal Housing Corporation. He is best known for his 12 year position as Chairman of the Valley Trust, a socio-medical project that was the forerunner in preventive and primary health care in SA, and is recognised for developing deep- and mock-trench gardening, an innovative and sustainable way of feeding one’s family when one lives on minimal land. GET is honoured to have been founded by Andrew Ewing and is committed to pursuing his excellent work as a tribute to the man and all he achieved during his challenging lifetime.